Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will karate teach my child to be hostile and aggressive?

      Absolutely not.  Children learn a lot about what it means to be respectful and polite here.  As a result, kids who weren't aggressive in the first place become even more respectful and kind.  Kids with previous behavior problems often become very respectful, disciplined, and calm.

Q:  Does my child face risk for injury with karate?

      Our program is extremely safe.  We have measures in place to insure that your child will stay safe and have a great time.  From stretching to warm ups to very close supervision-we've got your child covered.  Injuries do happen sometimes, as with any sport, but they are quite rare.

Q:  Can my child still participate in karate if he/she is not athletic?

       Yes!  In fact, martial arts is great for kids who don't always fit in to team sports.  It is something that any child can excel at, and as a result, their confidence soars.

Q:  What age is appropriate for karate?

      We have classes for kids as young as 3.  Martial arts is the kind of thing that grows with you.  So as kids get older, they learn new techniques and advance.  With the younger children it is more about fun and games, with learning thrown in too.

Q:  Do both boys AND girls take karate?

      Yes!  We have a good mix of both girls and boys in our karate classes.  Boy, girl, young, doesn't matter.  Everyone can benefit from martial arts and have fun doing it! 

 Q:  What level of fitness is required for martial arts?

       People have come to us with all fitness levels.  Everyone gets the same focus and attention.  If you are not in great shape, don't worry.  All of our classes are "go at your own pace".  We will do everything we can to help you learn each and every technique.  Soon enough your physical fitness will improve and you'll be in better shape than ever!