Juniors Class (6-11 years)

 The Junior class is designed for children 14 and under of any rank.  This class goes more in depth with karate concepts.  The students in this class will learn everything that is taught in the Tiny Tigers class, but then taken up a notch.  The students will learn more advance concepts, be pushed harder in their conditioning, and be expected to perform at a higher level.  This class gives the students time to develop the skills needed  before transitioning into the fast past teachings of the Freestyle class.  Even colored belts (in the age bracket) that can benefit from extra attention or the ability to workout at a slower pace  may participate in this program. 

 Tiny Tigers (4-6 yrs old.)

 The Tiny Tigers class is designed for children 6 and under to develop their coordination, improve concentration, enhance their ability to follow directions, and learn important social skills that prepare them for success.  Our Tiny Tigers have their own age-specific curriculum which keeps the classes fun and exciting, while maintaining a structured, disciplined, and positive learning experience.  Please understand that this is the only class in our schedule that we have a limit on the amount of children in it.  We will not allow more than 15 students per class, and entry into the program is on a first come, first serve basis.  If your child is asking about it, or already mimicking the motions they see, they are most likely ready to try the program.  This class is for any child that falls into the age bracket, but we usually recommend that if your child is already in school or has already participated in another structured sport, that they start in the Junior Class (14 and under) instead.

 ​Girls Only-Teen Kickboxing Class (12-17 years)

  During this 4-week session, we will work on conditioning and kickboxing skills. We will combine punches, kicks, knees, and elbows while incorporating some core and strength training. This 45-minute fast-paced workout will help build endurance and self-confidence, all while learning important self-defense skills, having fun and making new friends!

 Women's Kickboxing

  Who says working out has to be boring!  Get in shape AND have the time of your life!  You will de-stress, feel better, & meet some awesome women with common goals. This one-hour class will take you through the most-up-to-date drills and conditioning routines out there and provides a fun total body workout for all fitness levels.  It doesn't only work your conditioning, but combines punches, kicks, knees, and elbows that give you the opportunity to work pads, kickshields, and the heavy bag.  Not only do you get to punch and kick all of that aggression out, you get to hit real targets too!  You will get in great shape all while learning some effective self-defense and kickboxing skills.  The workout is "go at your own pace" so you can work up to your maximum potential.  Boxing gloves are required and any comfortable workout attire is acceptable.

Teen Karate (12yrs and up)

  Students in this program will train in all facets of Martial Arts giving them a very broad base.  It incorporates the standard 10 belt ranking system.  You will get a great foundation in formal Martial Arts training while being exposed to basic blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances.  You will also develop skills to be able to partake in weaponry, self-defense, open sparring and conditioning.  Students will have the opportunity to progress in belt ranks, eventually earning their Black belts.    Our goal is to give you a strong physical foundation, but also to teach students how to focus, be more disciplined and respectful.  We strive to have students learn to apply these values to all aspects of their lives.

 Little Kicks (2 - 3.5 yrs old.)

Little Kicks Karate is a 4 week parent/adult participation session for children ages 2-4 with a focus on motor skill development, social interaction, and parent-child bonding.  Throughout this 30 minute class, your child will be learning: Life skills: patience, focus, kindness, honesty, and respect; Motor Skills: balancing, climbing, running, blocks, punches, kicks; Socialization: interaction with other children with positive play and direction; and Parent-Child Bonding. **This program is a not run on a monthly basis. Please contact us for session dates.

 Women's Strength & Interval Training

  This is a circuit style class that takes advantage of the most effective training styles for burning fat, sculpting lean muscles, increasing strength and improving endurance. 

The combined principles and strategies from strength training, functional training, interval training, performance training, and kickboxing all come together to get you the best results possible.  

The routine changes monthly to constantly challenge your body with new moves and exercises so your results never plateau and you get in better shape in less time.  

​All fitness levels are welcome!