Rocky's Family Karate & Fitness


Rocky's Family Karate is an American Freestyle system. We focus on Forms (Kata) both empty hand and weapon, Sparring (practical and sport), and Self-Defense (practical/empty hand & weapon).

As a Freestyle Karate school we follow a 10 rank belt system.    Students just joining our programs who have never trained before will start off with their white belt.   Students who have trained in another system/style or under a similar freestyle karate system are encouraged to wear their belt rank as they have worked and trained hard to achieve that rank.  For students to obtain the next belt rank higher, they must test and demonstrate all required skills.


We also understand that karate isn't for everyone, and that is why we offer Women's Kickboxing & Strength Classes - not only to help you get into shape and have fun, but to also teach you how to properly kick and punch.

Classes available for children 4 and up.